Friday, March 11, 2005

"Freedom on the march" -- only where it's convenient for us

I've been following the horrifying case of the woman in Pakistan who was raped by six men after some tribal council ordered the men to commit this crime because the woman's brother allegedly had had sex with some woman from the neighboring tribe. The details are unclear -- it's like pre-medieval times in that country, apparently. Evidently the men had been convicted, but then the conviction was overturned.

Isn't it interesting that the United States is so concerned with promoting "freedom" in places such as Iraq, yet we have very little interest in the freedom of the women of unbelievably backward countries like Pakistan? If we're so committed to spreading freedom, I have an idea how we could do it. Let's arm the women of Pakistan. Hand out weapons, but ONLY to the women, and stick around to teach them how to use them. Let's even the playing field a little bit against the animals who force the women of that country into such a gruesome hell.

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