Thursday, June 22, 2006

Awesome blog titles

One of the things I love about being part of the Crazy Hip Blog Mamas webring is reading the list of blog titles each week, as new people add their blogs to the webring. It seems to be growing exponentially these days. I just wish I had more time to dive in and see what all these mamas are blogging about!

Some of the blogging mamas have obviously put a lot of thought into what to call their blogs. Here, in no particular order, are CHBM blog titles which I get a huge kick out of. One of these days I'll get around to actually reading them...

Mommy Needs a Martini

Send Chocolate


Crazy Ass Family

Crouching Mommy Hidden Laundry

From Hoochie to Mama

I Kick Ass for the Lord

Insert Expletive Here

Mother Scratcher (love the Raising Arizona reference!)

Step Away From the Barbies

Who Are These Kids?

1 comment:

Library Mama said...

Hi there,

I just joined CHBM, and I noticed exactly the same thing.

I think Crouching Mommy Hidden Laundry is my favourite, but Mommy Needs a Martini is a close second.

I'll be on my summer holiday soon, and I look forward to fulfilling my summer objective: to visit and comment on each of the CHBM blogs at least once before I return to work in late August.

Think I can do it? :-)