Wednesday, April 18, 2007

2nd Amendment rights for the Iraqis!

I don't always agree with everything John Aravosis says on Americablog, but he is completely on the money with his (admittedly snarky) analysis here. And he's going to get crucified for it, because THIS is the third rail of American politics: making even the most sensible call for some kind of gun control.

Guns don't kill people, evil-doers kill people. That's the theory a lot of Republicans are now promoting about the violence at Virginia Tech. If only those now-dead students had all been armed, the story goes, they'd have been able to start a mass circle of gunfire in the middle of their classroom and kill the shooter (and sure, they'd kill everyone else in the classroom too, but they'd be dead AND exercising their 2nd Amendment rights, so it'd be okay). Anyway, I say the Republicans put their money where their mouths are and establish a 2nd Amendment Marshall Plan (we can call it the LaPierre plan), and ship as many guns and other weapons as possible into the hands of every single Iraqi in order to help them defend themselves...

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