Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Best writing seminar ever

I just came back from beautiful Washington, D.C., where I attended this workshop, which offered the best discussion on writing and editing in the corporate environment I've ever been lucky enough to take part in. Plus lots of jokes involving assless chaps.

As a special bonus, I got to hang out in the hotel bar on Monday night with the presenters, Steve Crescenzo and Jim Ylisela. If you ever get to go to one of these events, be sure to have a drink or two with them. You won't be disappointed.


Misty said...

what a fantastic experience! I am quite jealous, just reading about it!

Fraulein said...

If you get a chance, check out Steve Crescenzo's podcast, which you can get to from the Ragan site. If you've ever worked in corporate communications, you'll definitely recognize some of the surreal silliness that he mocks mercilessly (approval processes that drag on for months, "wellness" tips in the employee newsletter that sound like they were written by Dr. Phil, etc. It's hilarious.