Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Cool Christmas shopping ideas

In my quest for fun, engaging, and lead-free toys for the Peanut and all the other kids on my Christmas list this year, I've found some great options online. For a mind-boggling array of craft items, toys, artwork, jewelry, and tons of other stuff made by individual artists all over the world, check out Etsy.

More ideas for toys (many of them made by moms) are at CoolMomPicks.

And yet more amazing toys, kids' furniture, and more, can be found at Oompa. Happy shopping!


Misty said...

Etsy is so great! love the suggestions! Thanks.

Fraulein said...

Isn't that the best? Etsy was mentioned in a shopping article on Salon.com, and I am now addicted to it. I've already ordered several Christmas gifts on there! The fewer trips to the mall I have to make, the happier I'll be.