Friday, March 21, 2008

Not-so-happy feet

We recently got the DVD of "Happy Feet" from Netflix. I've learned by now that we need to check these movies out before we show them to the Peanut, and this one proves why.

Memo to filmmakers: if you're going to promote a movie by showing lots of pictures of cute dancing animals, it is maybe not the best idea to devote a good chunk of the actual movie to depictions of menacing monster animals trying to eat the main, fuzzy characters. Was the scene with the yellow-toothed seal thing necessary? Or the one with the carnivorous birds? The one with the scary whales? How about the delightful part when the main character, poor Mumble, goes insane from being in a zoo? If I wanted to be depressed I'd rent a Michael Moore documentary, not a fuzzy-animated-animal movie, goddamn it!

So we had to do our usual trick of watching the movie with remote in hand, zipping past the scary parts so the Peanut could see the singing baby penguins, which she just adored. (She is also obsessed with Mort from Madagascar, and keeps asking for a stuffed-animal Mort.)


Misty said...

HATE HATE HATE that movie. STILL don't understand how it was so bloody popular! I know NO ONE who liked it. And really??? songs about sex? A little ridiculous for a kids movie.

Fraulein said...

My husband and I decided that it wasn't good for anyone -- for obvious reasons not really good for kids, in spite of some cool scenes with the penguins. Not really satisfying for adults either. It just seemed cobbled together in a lame sort of way. The music choices were bizarre and I find that a little of Robin Williams' voice goes a long way...the whole thing was wacky.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, when they showed it on a flight I was on, I pulled out a magazine and put on my MP3 player. Sorry, Disney gives me the crawls and this computer generated stuff isn't much better. At least when animals ate each other on Bugs Bunny and Ren and Stimpy, they were animated and funny looking. We laughed

Fraulein said...

This one, I know is Larry, because of the Ren and Stimpy reference... :)