Monday, September 22, 2008


We recently picked up a bargain bin copy of the Madagascar DVD, and it's been in heavy rotation in our house these days. The Peanut loves it--especially Mort the mouse lemur. I think the penguins are by far the funniest thing in the movie, though.

So I've been walking around for days saying, "We're gonna blow this dump!"--quoting the main penguin, "The Skipper." This cracks the Peanut up to no end. Thus it was awkward when, as we packed up to go home from a playdate at a friend's house yesterday, the Peanut declared, "We're gonna blow this dump!" which prompted a blank stare from the other kid's mommy, who of course had not seen "Madagascar" and simply thought the Peanut was calling her house a dump.


Broadway Carl said...

Very funny, fraulein.

It reminds me of the story my friend told me when he took his two year old daughter to the local zoo.

They spent the day looking around as he sounded out the pronunciations of the different animals. "Look honey, that a zebra. ZE-BRA. There's a tiger. TI-GER. Ooh, an elephant. E-LE-PHANT." Then he noticed a couple of free roaming peacocks and said, "That's a peacock. PEA-COCK."

Toward the end of the day, while browsing in the crowded gift store among other zoogoers, his daughter spied the peacocks through window and was so excited she screamed, "Daddy! Daddy! Cock! COCK! COCK!!!"

Fraulein said...

Ha! I love it. It's amazing how kids have this unerring instinct for repeating things that will make the big people uncomfortable. When my Peanut was about two she had a brief head lice scare (luckily it turned out to be just some food or something in her hair!) and for the next several days she went around shouting "LICE!! LICE!!" Fun times.