Friday, March 27, 2009

Required reading

Here are some lovely, heartfelt posts, from women I deeply admire as people, writers and mothers...

Girl's Gone Child: The Pre Half-Birthday World

I cleaned out her drawers today. Plucked dresses from their sleeves and onesies from their stains and formerly white socks I accidentally dyed purple. And she watched me from the bed, her feet in her hands, gurgling with her tide pool sounds.
Antique Mommy: And Then I Bought Myself a Rubber Snake

After our picnic, I took him to Target to let him pick out a toy for no particular reason other than he’s been a really good and helpful boy lately. We’ve done some stringent expense cutting at our house since before Christmas and he has not once complained.

When we arrived in the toy department, a bin of rubber snakes caught his eye. For twenty minutes or more, he went through the entire nest of snakes, examining each one like a jeweler with a loop, looking for the most perfect and flawless of rubber snakes.

Rainy Day in May: Happy Birthday, Baby...

Just know, angel, as your eyes read this letter in your journal one day--that I love you ALWAYS. NO MATTER WHAT. Nothing changes this, ever. If the girl you are today is any indication of the woman you'll be at the end of these next ten years than I guess I have little to worry about.

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