Thursday, May 14, 2009

Off to La-La Land

Hopefully one day soon work will take a break from kicking my ass so I can pay a bit more attention to this blog! I have a doozie of a post I need to write on kindergarten early-entry chaos in my Boston-area suburb. Suffice it to say that with the Peanut being but four weeks too young to make the cutoff, I kind of figured they'd cut us a break and admit her this year, but no dice. Exact quote from the school district wonk: "We only take the most exceptional children." The Peanut is apparently not "exceptional" enough for these people, and so now we have to jump through a million hoops to figure out where she goes for kindergarten--AND she might have to do a kindergarten year twice. I really wish with every fiber of my being that day care could just go on forever. Our experience with public school so far has been frustrating beyond belief.

But the full story of this madness will have to wait until after our trip to sunny L.A. I'm leaving things in Broadway Carl's very capable hands for the moment.

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Broadway Carl said...

Have fun in L.A. I'll mind the store.