Friday, January 28, 2005

In-Style Celebrity Weddings

So last night I watched "In-Style Celebrity Weddings," because I simply can't get enough of that kind of thing, and I was fascinated/horrified by their feature on Star Jones' wedding. First of all: who the hell is this woman? I had never heard of her before that "View" show came on the air. But according to the In-Style people she is also an "attorney and author." (If I could find a law firm that allows its attorneys to parade around in gigantic hair extensions and extremely flamboyant eye makeup, I might actually go back to legal marketing.) Anyway, she apparently had one of the most alarming weddings in history, rivaling the famous Celine Dion nuptials. She supposedly had the longest veil ever -- she deliberately had it made two feet longer than Princess Diana's. Classy.

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