Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Getting laughs from a four-month-old

Over the last few weeks, very slowly, Little Peanut has started giggling at random things. So now our new game is to try and figure out what will coax a laugh out of her. In my new Mom/Baby class, we learned one trick that seems to work. It's the second verse to "Ring around the rosy." You lie the baby down on the floor, sit in front of her, and sing, "Cows in the meadow/eating buttercups" while using your fingers to make horns behind your head. Then you go "Thunder!" while thumping on the ground on either side of her; "Lightning!" while gesturing with your fingers; and then the big finish: "We all jump UP!" while either flinging your arms over your head or picking up the baby and swinging her in the air.

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