Thursday, February 03, 2005

More Boston Globe buffoonery

Today's right-wing idiocy in the Globe comes to us courtesy of the always-entertaining Jeff Jacoby. I'd call him a Republican whore, but that would be like calling Michael Jackson mildly eccentric. Jacoby is at it once again, pulling stuff out of his ass, with nary a complaint from his editors. (Do they even have editors over there? Note to the Globe: just because somebody writes an opinion column, that doesn't mean you don't have to edit it. If a blatant falsehood is someone's opinion, it's still a blatant falsehood...)

Old Jeff has got his panties in a twist over the possible ascension of Howard Dean to the post of Democratic National Committee chairman. Dean is just too...angry to head the DNC, according to Jacoby. He is outraged that Dean once said he "hates" the Republicans. How is it possible that someone could use such crude language in American politics? This is simply beyond the pale! It's giving Jeff the vapors:

"...the willingness of so many Democrats to openly call themselves 'haters,' to make contempt for the other party their stock-in-trade -- that is something we haven't seen before."

Jeff was apparently in a coma during the Clinton presidency. Remember when this was a regular event?

Republican Whip Renews Attack On Clinton

By John King/CNN

WASHINGTON (April 24, 1998) -- House Republican Whip Tom DeLay renewed
his attacks on President Bill Clinton's integrity on Friday, playing off Democratic outrage that a GOP House committee chairman called the president a "scumbag."

In a sarcastic "open letter" to the House Democratic leadership, DeLay suggested a House debate to determine just what language can be used to describe "an administration that relies on spin, the whole spin and nothing but the spin?"

This is one example; of course if you do a Google search you can find hundreds more, from Clinton's time in office and beyond. But like most Republican whore journalists, Jeff has both a selective memory and a selective sense of ethics. It's OK for the Republicans to commit all nature of sins, but for the Democrats to express anger about any of it...well, we can't have that.

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