Friday, September 01, 2006

Random Friday thoughts

It is deserted in my office today. August has been exceedingly quiet, but even for August, it seems like more people are out today than usual. Traffic was light this morning too, which is always a delight. Particularly since I am still traumatized by having come very close, yet again, to a really bad car accident the other day. People drive on Route 2 in Cambridge like it's the Autobahn, and it is pissing me off.

Mr. Fraulein, the Peanut and I were all in the car, and a big Jeep came inches away from smashing into our Honda as we changed lanes. It seemed like we could feel the rush of air as the Jeep went flying past us on the left, veering right into our lane--going much, much faster than we were. Luckily I wasn't accelerating fast enough to hit the guy. Time seemed to stand still as the cars veered close together, but, thank God, not close enough to collide.

Something held us back. Maybe it was just luck. Or maybe it was Bevin, the Peanut's guardian angel.

Meanwhile a good friend of mine was supposed to have had her twins by scheduled C-section yesterday morning, and now, a day and a half later, no word has come yet on how they are all doing.

I don't like not knowing what's going on but am feeling reluctant to call the hospital. I don't want to bother my friend and her family. Still, it will be a relief when the e-mail comes, giving names and birth weights and other details.

But tonight--Praise the gods!--our niece, newly arrived from California to attend a Boston-area college, is providing free babysitting, so Mr. Fraulein and I are getting out on the town. Or as close as we come to it, which may just be going out to eat Thai food in peace, without toddler screaming and half-eaten food and sippy cups sailing through the air.

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Lori said...

M. and I had a toddler-free night out a few days ago. It was absolute, total bliss. I missed the baby, but I did not miss the mid-meal screaming, the inability to eat my own food for having to feed her, and the hypervigilant state that comes with parenthood.