Wednesday, May 30, 2007

More toddler friendship

So as I've mentioned, the Peanut has a best buddy at day care (which I guess I now need to call "pre-school"!) This little boy has completely stolen my heart. I can't get enough of this kid.

And he can't get enough of the Peanut. When I dropped her off at pre-school yesterday after the long Memorial Day weekend, one of the teachers picked the Peanut up to give her a hug. The boy, C., came over and started tugging on the Peanut's leg as the teacher held her.

"I missed you!" he shouted up at her.
I imagine that one day in 2024, C. will be hanging around his college dorm room musing on the fact that he always falls for vivacious brunettes with dark, dark eyes. He's going to wonder how this came about. Why never the blondes? Always the brown-eyed ones with cute giggles and mischievous streaks.

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