Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Our pathetic media

Is Hillary "weak" or "calculating" for crying on the campaign trail? And how freaking RIGHT am I that this woman will never be elected president? In this country? In this media environment? Not a chance in hell.

Speaking of our lousy media, am I the only person who noticed how lame it was that this past Sunday's "Parade" magazine, which is a cavalcade of crap under the best of circumstances, appeared with its outdated cover interview with the now late Benazir Bhutto completely unedited? Bhutto was killed a week and a half before the publication date, and still no mention of this was made by the Boston Globe. Now, I know they print these crummy inserts like "Parade" weeks in advance, but still, the least the Globe could have done was add a note to the front page, or another insert, to explain that fact. Totally lame and unworthy of a 1,000-circulation local weekly, let alone a major national daily.


Turns out the Globe did include a note about the Bhutto Parade article, but I missed it the first time around, so that's my bad. Still, my sense of what used to be the rules for good journalism tells me they should have pulled the whole issue rather than distribute totally inaccurate content.

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Misty said...

your points about Hillary are true. And it's sad... Sad...