Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Somebody needs to clean up this mess

Being in kind of a self-flagellating mood last night, I tuned in to the Chimp's final State of the Union address. Normally I like to spare myself the agony of listening to him speak but I was curious about how he would try to position his "legacy."

The thing that jumped out at me was the overall tone of, "We need somebody new to take charge and clean up this mess." Regardless of the topic, he implied that things have been screwed up long enough, and now, by God, somebody better do something about it.

Um, who the hell has been in charge for the last seven years? This is an inconsistency that will NEVER be pointed out by our broken, pathetic media.

Also, I loved that there was exactly one reference to the Hurricane Katrina aftermath -- that some conference or other is going to be held soon in New Orleans. I guess that means things are all hunky-dory down there now.


Misty said...

I can not stand to hear him speak. I must be unamerican because I avoid him...

Fraulein said...

See, this is what they want! They WANT us to feel un-patriotic for questioning their complete disregard for the rule of law, screwing up everything they've touched, etc. It's the great triumph of conservatism: getting people to equate patriotism with shutting the hell up and letting Republicans pillage and steal to their hearts' content.