Friday, October 31, 2008

A public service announcement

One way or the other, on Nov. 5, I plan to be hungover. And I'm either going to be in a really, really great mood (if Obama wins, needless to say) or in the mother of all shitty moods if somehow McCain manages to pull his own ass out of the jaws of defeat. In fact, in the latter case, cancel the Nov. 5 hangover--I'll still be drunk. I'm just going to keep drinking for as long as it takes to blunt the agony of a looming McCain/Palin administration.*

Luckily it seems like that possibility gets more remote with each passing day.

So now the only question that remains is: what should be on the Election Night drinks menu? Should we splurge for some really good champagne? Go with a tried-and-true Sauvignon Blanc? Break out the pinot noir? Just buy a case of beer? How will YOU spend your Election Night -- and what will you be drinking?

*It should be noted that under normal circumstances I probably have, at most, three or four alcoholic drinks in a given month.

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Anonymous said...

I'm thinking a keg of beer...