Monday, June 08, 2009

Fake English accents: First Madonna, now the Peanut

What with her continual exposure to "Charlie and Lola" and "Angelina Ballerina," it was perhaps inevitable that the Peanut would start speaking in a fake English accent.

If I weren't so woefully tech-challenged, I'd post an audio file here because it's kind of a hoot. What's a little scary is that she's doing a pretty damn good job. (If we get her a job acting in a commercial, maybe her Screen Actors Guild credentials can list her foreign accent skills.) "Can I pick out your outfit today, madam?" she asked me this morning, emphasizing each word in the appropriate Britishy fashion. She talked like this all morning. "Have fun at your stuuuu-pid work," she said to Mr. Fraulein as he buckled her into her car seat. I just need to emphasize: she is 4 and a half. God, does she crack us up!

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