Wednesday, June 17, 2009

No-Work Fridays Summer

With coming up on four years' worth of full-time work under my belt since the Peanut was born, I am beyond excited to have the opportunity to take Fridays off for the summer. As I recently lamented, the thing that I (and pretty much every other mom I know!) desperately need more of is time. Time to exercise. Time to cook a decent meal. Time to park my butt on the couch and read "In-Style" magazine. Time to blog. And most of all, time to spend with hanging out with my precious Peanut while she is still (well, most of the time, anyway) a perky little bundle of cuteness.

Thus the idea of No-Work Friday Summer was born. Thanks to an understanding boss and a family-friendly employer, the request was approved. And whatever income I lose (which won't end up being that much anyway given the corresponding drop in day care costs) will be paid back in spades by having the opportunity, for a little while at least, to take a break from being a cranky person with an aggravating, never-ending commute and just be.

And with any luck, this poor blog won't be as neglected as it's been the last few years, and I'll have time to come up with more contributions to the conversations over at Broadway Carl's place!

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