Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Diagnosis: Not diabetes, just run-of-the mill thirst

The Peanut had a little medical excitement this week. Fortunately it turned out to be nothing, but it was a bit scary at first. She has seen more than her share of doctors lately, as a result of follow-up appointments we've had to ensure that everything is OK after her bout with pneumonia from a few months back. A recent follow-up chest X-ray showed she still had a bit of fluid in the lungs, so we were told to give her albuterol through a machine called a nebulizer (it comes out as a mist that she inhales through a face mask. And toddlers love nothing better than being held down for 10 minutes so they can get medicine! Luckily, we have discovered the amazing powers of Elmo DVDs. That keeps her calm for a little while.)

At the same time as we started this regimen, she began drinking quite a bit more fluids than usual. It was something we sort of took note of, but didn't freak out over.

Then came the input from the teachers at the day care. "Do you realize she's drinking twice as much each day as every other kid in the room?" they said. So I called the lung doctor and asked if this was a side effect of the albuterol.

"No, but she could have diabetes," the lung doctor said. Cue freak out.

Yesterday it was back to the primary care pediatrician for a blood test. Thank God, the test showed she does not have diabetes. So what is it then, we asked?

"She's thirsty," the pediatrician said.

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