Monday, November 03, 2008

50 years

My parents' 50th wedding anniversary is coming up later this month, and I've been collecting old pictures of them from relatives scattered far and wide. I'm going to surprise them with a scrapbook. One crafty cousin of mine managed to scan in some ancient slides, so that I actually have a bunch of these pictures as .JPGs! Seen here are my dad in 1954 (holding the guitar in the second shot) and my mom and dad with my grandmother and a bunch of other relatives in 1958, the year of their marriage. They're the couple on the right side of the picture. My grandmother, the older lady in the middle of the first shot, is the Theresa of this post, which I've just updated to include a photo from my parents' wedding which shows my grandparents with all 10 of their children.


Broadway Carl said...

Wow! A pre-emptive Happy 50th Anniversary to your parents! I don't know if I'll make it to my 50th, as I maried late and would be 91 if I made it that far, but it would be very cool indeed. My best to them both.

Fraulein said...

Thanks Carl! It is amazing to think about living with the same person for that long, isn't it?