Friday, November 07, 2008

Four is awesome indeed

As Antique Mommy writes with her usual eloquence here, a four-year-old is a marvelous thing.


Antique Mommy said...

Yes, it is, and yours is especially adorable.

Fraulein said...

This is a particularly cute age, isn't it? She just cracks me up every single day, which I'm sure is the case with you and Sean too! Thanks for stopping by!

Broadway Carl said...

She's beautiful. My wife and I don't have one yet. We're planning - maybe in a year or two when we move to a bigger place - but for now we have a new puppy named Sadie. I'll post some pics over at my place.


Fraulein said...

Parenthood is an amazing ride, Carl -- nothing can prepare you for it. Try to imagine your life being turned utterly upside down in a million different ways. You'll have some vague idea of what it's like.

Then when you actually have a kid, your life will be turned utterly upside down in two million different ways. But it's so worth it!!