Monday, November 10, 2008

Indescribably awesome

Our President-Elect, dropping his kids off at school this morning. How amazing is it that he's still taking the time to do this kind of thing, even when he's got just a few weeks left to get ready to assume the presidency? I love that he is unabashed about showing this kind of devotion to his family.
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Broadway Carl said...

That is pretty damn cool. I had heard on some show (there are so many I forget which) that there was a genuine sadness between Barack and Michelle Obama after he had won the election because he knew he wouldn't be able to have time to do this kind of stuff.

I think they're going to be alright.

Fraulein said...

I have a feeling we'll see more of these kind of photo-ops...the Obamas going off to teacher-parent conferences, etc. It's really comforting to me as a parent to know we'll have someone in the White House who understands the issues parents face.