Thursday, December 08, 2005

Fun with consumer product packaging

We bought an XM satellite radio package the other day. We're pretty excited to listen to it on our commute in to work. But first we're going to have to liberate the home receiver and the car kit from their respective packages. My husband, who happens to be a highly experienced engineer, has just spent more than a half hour wrestling with the packaging in an effort to extricate the receiver, which the XM people have wrapped up in a container suitable for transporting plutonium. Why is every consumer product -- including toys -- packaged this way all of a sudden? It is SUCH a pain in the ass.

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Alison Rose said...

Too true--even on the simplest of toys! You need to carry around those box cutters that the FAA may or may not be letting us take on planes soon.

On the other hand, we let Circuit City install our satellite radio (Sirius, in our case), so they had to deal with the packaging. I think they have those box cutters...