Friday, December 16, 2005

Thanks a lot, Delta

Mr. Fraulein, the Peanut, and I are scheduled to wing our way west in a few days to visit relatives in California over the holidays. We long ago booked round-trip non-stop flights, because we had no intention of switching planes with a toddler in tow. But now, Delta has helpfully canceled our non-stop return flight and replaced it with one with a transfer in New York. My travel agent is doubtful that she can find us seats on any direct flight back to Boston. So we'll probably have to just hope for the best, attempting to make the connection in 40 minutes while carrying our gigantic car seat, carry-on bags, and the Peanut. Also we have no idea whether they intend to feed us on these cross-country flights. Thanks, Delta! This should be a real blast.

If a poopy diaper should "accidentally" get left behind when we get off, well, that will just be the Peanut's gift to the airline industry.

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