Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Thanks Delta, part 2

So several phone calls later, it turns out that -- surprise! Delta can't help us. We are stuck with the connecting flight coming home from L.A. Luckily, since we'll be in New York, we could always go to my parents' house for the night if we miss the connection and are faced with being stuck in the airport for hours. It's going to be quite an adventure for the Peanut, and for us. I'm sure Mr. Fraulein will enjoy carrying the hugely bulky, heavy car seat strapped to his back in the special car seat carrier we bought from One Step Ahead.

To make the experience of getting through the airport less painful, I decided to do an ultra stripped-down packing job for this trip. I packed just two outfits for myself, and no extra shoes -- just the ones I'll wear to the airport. Hope everybody enjoys seeing me wear the same thing for a week and a half!

I know Mr. Fraulein will be impressed by my new approach to packing. He still recalls the trip to London, back before we were married, when we returned home at different times because our vacation schedules didn't quite overlap. I had brought so much clothing with me and purchased so much new stuff during the trip that I had to give him a bag of dirty clothes to take home for me. He kept wondering what he would say to the security people if they went through his bag and found all the bras and panties.

Personally, I will be happy if we can avoid a repeat of the famous Bag of Change incident from a couple of years ago. We were going through the line for the metal detectors when we realized that Mr. Fraulein's luggage was setting off alarms all over the place. I turned around to see him being led out of the line by a couple of security guards. He had forgotten to remove a plastic baggie he had in there which contained a fair number of coins. I guess on the metal detector screen it just looked like a big lump of metal. They probably thought he had a grenade in there. Trust me, this will delay your trip.

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