Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Constant company

One thing anyone with small kids will tell you is that it's hard to get any alone time, even in the "potty." Our mornings are generally somewhat chaotic with trying to get ourselves and the Peanut fed, take showers, pack lunches, etc., with the goal of getting out the door sometime before, say, noon. So inevitably when I try to get in the shower, this happens:

Peanut: Hi mommy! Are you taking a shower?

Me: Yeah, I just turned the water on, so why don't you go help Daddy with your lunch and...

Peanut, slapping me on the behind as I lean over next to the bathtub: Can I play the drums on your butt? (Slapslapslapslap. Gigglegigglegigglegiggle. Slapslapslapslap.)

Me: OK, that's enough of that, I have to get into the shower now...

Peanut: Do you want a toy? I'll bring you a duckie.

Me: Sure, I'll take a duckie.

Peanut: Do you want ALL the bath toys?

Me: No, one is enough, thanks, don't throw all that stuff in here...

Peanut, with an armful of squeezy bath animals, opening the shower doors and leaning into the water spray: Here you go! Whee!

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Misty said...

Well... some people are deathly afraid of water. Perhaps a community of little ducky friends will ease any potential fears which may arise :)