Thursday, May 01, 2008

"Testicular fortitude"

This makes me kind of sick: the whole idea that in 2008 we are still equating "toughness" exclusively with being male. The nitwit in this video thinks he's giving Hillary Clinton the ULTIMATE compliment by saying she's so tough, she's almost like a man! Give me a break. Show me one man on this planet who wouldn't break down into hysterics if he had to go through pregnancy (especially a rough one) and childbirth (particularly unmedicated, the way most of the women in the world have done for centuries).

However you feel about Hillary--and I'm not liking her much at the moment--you have to admit that you need a special brand of boldness to put yourself out there in the public sphere the way she's done, especially post-Monica Lewinsky. Hillary has been very popular as a U.S. senator. Whether she ought to be running for the Presidency is debatable, but she's obviously tough.

She's got ovarian fortitude, if you will.

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Fraulein said...

DISCLAIMER: Not that I wasn't a wee bit hysterical when I was in labor.