Tuesday, May 06, 2008

No filter

(You'll have to forgive the vagueness of this rant, but it's something I'd like to get off my chest without disclosing too many details...)

Did you ever know somebody with no filter? Someone who will just say anything--particularly if it's boastful and self-aggrandizing--regardless of the inappropriateness of the setting in which he or she is shooting off his or her mouth?

I have to spend a good chunk of my life in close contact with a person like this. As an added bonus, it is hard to have a relatively normal conversation of any kind with my No Filter person, which, for reasons I can't go into here, I need to at least TRY to do several times each week. He/she occasionally exhibits all the social skills of a small child suffering from autism--except this ain't a kid. And he/she doesn't have any kind of mental disability as far I'm aware.

So I end up sitting mutely through this person's commentary to third parties standing three feet away from me about, for example, his/her ex-flame which his/her spouse is still SO jealous of (as if I give a shit). And this person's odd criticisms of his/her own children. And his/her really unfunny jokes about current events (that situation in Austria where the father imprisoned his own daughter in the basement and forced her to bear 7 of his children--THAT was a real knee-slapper...)

They ought to give classes in social skills for adults. Except the people who need them the most, like this person, probably wouldn't go.


Misty said...

Oh man... I was thinking about his very thing last night. We had a bday party for my hubby and there was someone there who just let it all come out. I kept having to say "stop... there are kids here" and I swear, the expression on this persons face was only that of confusion mixed with "why do you keep interrupting me? don't you get I am talking???"
There was no realization dawning on their face that this was inappropriate... NONE!

Fraulein said...

I find that people like this tend to be extremely self-centered. They just don't get that maybe bystanders don't necessarily want to hear every detail of their lives all the time. I always get the feeling with this person that he/she's thinking, "No comment can be too inappropriate, because it's coming from ME! And I am endlessly fascinating! Don't you want to hear MORE about my obscure hobbies?" etc. etc. (Just kill me!!)

Anonymous said...

I used to think I was the only person with these experiences-- your perspective and experiences brings it all home, just much clearer. Lisa

Anonymous said...

You would look totally hot in a black velvet dress.

Fraulein said...