Tuesday, January 20, 2009

One of the many awesome things about having a "President Obama"

I'm watching the coverage of the various Inaugural balls now and it occurs to me that Obama's triumph must stick in the collective craw of our country's hoardes of racist Republicans (and just plain racists) to no end. Can you imagine how much it must kill these people to see all these BLACK people in positions of power? A BLACK First Couple, being serenaded by quite a few talented, attractive, BLACK celebrities? And not only that, but as you looked out over the Mall earlier today, you could see all those white people mixing in freely with everybody else of every other color, united in celebration of our common victory over the right-wing forces of darkness.

Man, they must hate this. It's going to be a tough four (well, hopefully eight) years for the racists.
(Photo credit Huffington Post)

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Broadway Carl said...

Hey Fraulein. This is awesome. I'd like to cross post this on my blog. Please email me (I don't have your address handy to send you an invite)