Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Shaking things up around here

So in my usual fashion, since I'm perpetually trying to do about 273 things at once, I have dropped the ball (until now!) on writing a post to explain the cross-posting experiment I've undertaken with my virtual pal Broadway Carl. You will see below that he's already posted here to introduce himself and talk a bit about what drew him to blogging in the first place. Like me, Carl found himself watching the rapidly-metastasizing horrors of the Bush administration with increasing dismay. Also like me, he began blogging to vent his rage about what was happening to our country and to find a community of like-minded folks to commiserate with.

Carl and I first "met" in the online world in the vibrant group of frequent commenters on Bob Cesca's fantastic blog. During the election frenzy I found myself commenting there every so often, and it was clear from Carl's contributions to those memorable conversations, as well as from his thought-provoking posts on his own blog, that this guy was a kindred spirit: someone unafraid to mince words about the massive stupidity of the right-wing ideology. Someone who loves being part of the debate about how to fix our country's many problems. And someone who approaches his writing as I always at least try to do--with humor and inventiveness.

If you take a trip over to Carl's excellent "Blog-O-Mania," you'll see what I'm talking about. And to shake things up a little around here, I'll be featuring some of Carl's posts here on Purple Ink, and some of my posts will appear on the Blog-O-Mania. If you like what you see, we both hope you'll come back for more! Comments, effusive praise, constructive criticism, and tips are always welcome.

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