Sunday, April 06, 2008

Conversations on a Sunday morning

Me: Good morning, Peanut, how did you sleep?

Peanut: Fine. I want to still wear my pink pajamas. And I want to wear my pink shoes. And I want two pink underpants.

Me: Why two pairs of underpants?

Peanut: Because one pair is for my butt and one is to wear on my head.

Me: OK. Right. On your head.

Peanut: Right -- the dark pink ones with the roses on them.

Me: Well, I think those are in the hamper because you wore them yesterday.

Peanut: I still want them! (Goes to bathroom to get dirty underpants out of hamper.)

Me: You know what, you really don't want to wear dirty underwear on your head.

Peanut: Yes I do! WAAAHHHH!!!

Me: Oh God. I didn't even have coffee yet. How about this -- let's get your pink tutu from your Halloween costume and you can wear that instead of dirty underpants on your head. OK?

Peanut (tearfully): OK.

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Misty said...

bless your heart!