Friday, April 18, 2008

This is why I don't watch TV news anymore

Because during the last Democratic primary debate, the ABC right-wing circus clown moderators apparently spent an hour shouting questions about flag lapel pins and '60s radicals before they got around to, you know, any mention of Iraq.

As the awesome Bob Cesca put it:

It confounds logic that, on one hand, Senator Obama is repeatedly asked to explain why rural America is bitter, while, on the other hand, his qualifications for the presidency are being evaluated based on his goddamn bowling skills. Seriously, what the hell is going on here? The Bush Republicans are responsible for perhaps the worst economic crisis since World War II. They're responsible for a $3 trillion occupation and decades of future blowback. They're responsible for selling our sovereignty to foreign governments. They're responsible for trampling our liberty and national character. And there was Senator McCain on Hardball the other night talking about war in Iran, while pledging to make permanent the Bush tax cuts for the super rich. Both of which would make matters far, far worse.
Seriously--I can't do it. Can't watch it. Reading about it on the Web after the fact is painful enough. I have accepted the fact that if I watch these atrocities directly as they unfold, I will suffer a fatal aneurysm, and my husband will have to explain to the police how I came to expire at the age of 39, falling in our living room with an expression of rage on my face and both middle fingers still extended in the direction of our flat-screen TV.

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