Thursday, April 10, 2008

Nicknames, and the second cutest kid on earth

We don't just call the Peanut "the Peanut" on this blog. It's actually a nickname Mr. Fraulein and I use with her quite a bit, because it suits her so well. Yesterday as I dropped her off at preschool, her best buddy C. was hanging around as I helped her get her coat off and put her lunch in the fridge. "Why do you call her Peanut?" C. asked. This kid is referred to around our house as The Second Cutest Kid in the World, and if you could see him, you'd know why. He SO belongs in a Baby Gap ad or something. He's just a week older than the Peanut, but much larger -- taller, with bigger hands and feet. He has a smile that outshines the sun. And, God love him, I suspect his mommy has to buy him "husky" sized clothing.

So when I responded, well, we call her that because it's her nickname, his face lit up with his usual incandescent smile. "I have a nickname too!" he said. "Really, what is it?" I asked.

"MEATBALL!" C. shouted.

And that made me giggle for the rest of the day.

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Misty said...

meatball? That will be an interesting one once middle school hits!