Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Peanut is 3 and a half today

I don't know where that time went. I cannot believe that 3 years, six months, and one day ago, I had never met her. She was still just an abstract concept to me before she was born. I never had that sense of "Even in the womb, I knew you..." that a lot of mothers say they have.

I literally had no idea at that point how my life would change. Which is of course a giant cliche, but one that is true of every parent I know. Luckily for most people it's a change for the better. I can't imagine how much smaller and poorer my life would be without the incredible gift of getting to watch her experience the world.

Happy half birthday Peanut!


Misty said...

Parenthood truly is amazing! Any way to celebrate?

Anonymous said...

She sounds incredible, this Peanut of yours.

Fraulein said...

OK, who's anonymous? (Tony again?) You guys have to start leaving your names!

And yes, Misty, we normally do a little half-birthday something. Last year it was a cupcake. This year it was Dunkin Donuts munchkins, which the Peanut is currently obsessed with.